The Wine Glass: Master Craftsmanship in Action

As wine lovers, we spend a lot of time discussing the merits of the skill and expertise that goes into winemaking – but what of the talent and craftsmanship that goes into perfecting the humble wine glass?

The video above from our official glassware partners Richard Brendon showcases such a level of meticulous detail in the production of their Jancis Robinson collection, we were sure it would interest Wine Show fans who may never have thought to look ‘behind the curtain’ of this most essential wine accessory before.

Pairing wine expertise and refined design, the collection is the result of a truly collaborative cross-disciplinary partnership between the celebrated product designer Richard Brendon and world-renowned wine expert and Wine Show presenter Jancis Robinson.

The Wine Glass is at the heart of the collection and has been specifically designed to offer the best tasting experience for every wine, whatever its style or strength, including Champagne, port, sherry and beyond.

Each piece in the Jancis Robinson collection is expertly mouth-blown in an area of Europe where the craft has been perfected over hundreds of years. The glassblowers are masters in their field and it was imperative they had the skill to make glass as fine and light as Richard and Jancis required for the collection.

“The trickiest bit was getting the quality and weight of the products just right,” says Richard. “Our glass producer initially struggled to get the weight of the glass as light as we required because they had never produced a collection this fine before. We went through many rounds of prototypes, which Jancis and I reviewed together, to ensure we delivered a final product that met every single one of our requirements perfectly.

“That our glassblowers persevered, and very quickly learned how to make the pieces perfectly, is a real testament to their phenomenal skill and dedication to the final vision we all shared.”

The Wine Show and Richard Brendon – a perfect partnership

As well as being functionally perfect, the Jancis Robinson collection has been meticulously designed to look and feel refined, elegant and timeless. The curves from the wine glass run throughout the collection to ensure all of the pieces fit perfectly together, while the ultra-fine, but remarkably strong, mouth blown crystal puts the wine lover in intimate contact with the wine, enhancing the tasting experience every time.