The next top priority after choosing the perfect wine is finding the perfect glass to drink it from. “A glass is a glass” some people may say, but we all know that drinks, in general, taste different depending on what kind of tableware they’re drunk from, and the same is even more true for wine!

This is why we’re so excited to have partnered with Richard Brendon – their handblown glassware is not only the pinnacle of quality and style but ensures nothing less than the best drinking experience possible!

Richard Brendon Glassware


Wine glasses traditionally have a wide bowl shape to aid oxidation and improve flavour, as well as a narrower rim (or mouth) to direct its aroma straight to the nose before and during drinking. Stemmed wine glasses are popular not only for their elegant appearance but also the more practical reason of preventing chilled wine from being warmed by cupped hands. Some like to use different glasses depending on what wine they’re serving, but we love the sets offered by Richard Brendon, who have specially designed their glasses to enhance every type of wine, including even port and sherry.

Stemless variants (sometimes referred to as goblets) are also quickly earning their place in wine enthusiasts place settings as versatile tableware that can be used for any occasion and many a drink.

Glass Decanter


Decanters can sometimes be seen as superfluous, a novelty, or even downright intimidating to some wine lovers, but they really are a fantastic piece of glassware worth investing in! Not only can they make a stunning centrepiece and decoration, they really help you get the best out of your wine’s flavours, bouquet, and appearance. However, it’s good to remember that not one size fits all and that different wines suit different decanters, and some not at all!

Now that we’ve armed you with some new information that you might not have been aware of before, perhaps you feel like expanding your collection? Find more stunning glassware for every occasion with our official partner, Richard Brendon.