Why temperature matters?

Some like it hot. But not wine. Serving wine at the wrong temperature ruins your enjoyment. Storing wine at the wrong temperature ruins your wine. So what are the golden rules when it comes to wine and temperature?

First – Constant is key

You may think you’ve found ‘a cool dark place’ but if it’s warmer in summer than winter (or in the evening than the morning) you’ll find the wine expands and shrinks and eventually squeezes out of the cork.

Second – Chill out

Wine hates central heating and loves a dungeon. Keep wine between 10 and 15 °C (50-59 °F) and your best bottles will gently mature and grow in complexity and refinement.

Third – Don’t freeze

In even the deepest cellars in France and Italy, the temperature drops below 10°C in winter. But once it’s below freezing the air dries, and so do your corks. Then your wine freezes and expands and pushes your corks out.

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