How To Serve And Store Wine At Home

Ever wondered what temperature you should serve wine at? Advice on the correct way to store and serve wine is often conflicting and confusing, but it needn’t be.

Tanglewood’s Managing Director Ben Austin has given us some top tips on how best look after your wine. A few simple points will ensure your wine is stored correctly.

To begin, its widely believed that wines are stored at different temperatures. Wrong!

All wine should be stored at the same temperature of between 10-14 degrees, with a humidity level of approx 65%.

It is only when you come to consume the wine do you change its temperature. Therefore, investing in a Wine Cabinet that holds the wine in these optimum conditions means it’s a great way to protect your preferred wines. Some wine cabinets, such as the CASTEL by Transtherm offer three temperatures. A storage area in the middle for all wines, and then a red wine service area at the top, and a white wine storage area at the bottom.

We are frequently guilty of drinking our wines at the wrong temperatures, with our reds often over 22/23 degrees, and our whites below 5 degrees. These are simply not the ideal manner in which the winemaker intended you to consume their wine.

Here’s a list of wine drinking temperatures, according to grape variety and character:

  • Champagne – 7
  • Riesling – 8
  • Chardonnay, Vintage Champagne– 9
  • Viognier, Pinot Gris – 11
  • Port – 14
  • Sangiovese – 15
  • Tempranillo, Pinot Noir – 16
  • Red Burgundy, Cabernet – 17
  • Red Bordeaux, Shiraz – 18
  • Vintage Port – 19

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