Official Wine Cabinet Partner of The Wine Show

Serving wine at the right temperature can be a challenge. ‘Room temperature’ is not a very helpful note when most homes are heated over 20°C and red wine is best served at 16°C. Similarly, white wine chilled to 3°C in a normal fridge is not going to let you taste all the lovely aromas those grapes have worked so hard to create.

But there is a solution and that’s why The Wine Show is delighted to partner with Tanglewood Premium Wine Accessories, specialists in wine cabinets, cellar design and wine racking.

Tanglewood is the exclusive UK distributor of Transtherm Wine Cabinets which are designed and manufactured by world-renowned Eurocave.

These world leading wine cabinets are designed to keep your wine at the optimal temperature for storage and drinking. Tanglewood will work with you to find the perfect Transtherm Wine Cabinet for your home whether you just want to keep a few bottles under a kitchen counter or a whole dedicated wine room.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the best way to serve wine so you can get the most out of every bottle. So do get in touch with us and our friends at Tanglewood any time.

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