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Frederic Champault La Vigne Blanche Sancerre
Frederic Champault La Vigne Blanche Sancerre Country: France Colour / Style: White ABV: 12.5% Units: 9.38 Closure: Cork This wine's vibrant citrus fruit is balanced by a roundness in the wine's texture. A fullness, that lets it bring out the best in classic fish and shellfish dishes.
Domaine des Geneves Chablis
Domaine des Geneves Chablis Country: France Colour / Style: White ABV: 12.5% Units: 9.38 Closure: Cork A fresh, clean, vibrant classic. Great Chablis like this manage to be both ripe and refreshing, with a restrained, classical character, ideal with the simple flavours of fish.
Cono Sur Viognier
Cono Sur Viognier Country: Chile Colour / Style: White ABV: 13.0% Units: 9.75 Closure: Screwtop A real winner, with a ripe and rounded apriot fruit and lovely hint of spice. This is lush and generous, gorgeous on its own, wonderful with fuller flavoured dishes.
Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc
Graham Norton's Own Sauvignon Blanc Country: New Zealand Colour / Style: White ABV: 12.0% Units: 9.00 Closure: Screwtop Graham Norton balances tropical fruit with herbal freshness by taking fresh Sauvignon from New Zealand's greatest regions. A refreshing, zesty treat.
Casa Gheller Prosecco
Casa Gheller Prosecco Country: Italy Colour / Style: White ABV: 11.0% Units: 8.25 Closure: Cork Soft and sherbety with lovely pear-scents, remember Prosecco isn't just for highdays and holidays, you can celebrate a great spaghetti carbonara on a Wednesday with it too.
La Luciana Gavi

Anyone who enjoys Pinot Grigio will love the fuller, rounded and complex style of this gorgeous Gavi. There’s crisp apple and smooth spiciness. Lovely with creamy pasta, or grilled fish.

Bourgogne Chardonnay, Nuiton-Beaunoy

White flowers and white peach flavours make a wonderful match with white meats and fish. This is floral and fresh, with a bright persistence that lingers on your palate. A true classic from a family-run producer.

Sancerre Les Sentiers

Ten generations of family expertise a packed into this delicious, fruity Sancerre. It has all the tang and vibrancy of Sancerre, with a lime and yellow plum fruit. Goat’s Cheese, fish and even lightly spiced chicken dishes are great matches.

Villa Maria Bin Sauvignon Blanc

There are lots of Sauvignon Blancs, but few count as classics. This is a go-to wine for Kiwi Sauvignon lovers like us. Gooseberries, lime and tropical fruit, it’s a juicy, fruity wine for drinks with friends and a perfect partner for Pacific Rim spiced dishes.

Abbaye De Lerins Saint-Pierre

Along with the partner red, this was a huge surprise when it arrived, fresh from an Island off the coast near Cannes. The monks make the most of a particularly good soil and cool, fresh coastal breezes to keep the freshness in the grapes. They also cleverly lift the peachy aromas of Chardonnay with the zest of Clairette, a local grape more suited to the warm climate.

Francois Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Les Choisilles

There’s a reason sommeliers love Chenin from the classic appellations of the Loire. It’s in the tension and fruit purity. There’s a smokiness (notionally from “Les Choisilles” – black flint) too, and it all combines into a fabulous food matching style. It’s a great foil to the sort of complex, poised, thoughful food you find in the finest restaurants.

Monte Cascas Malvasia de Colares

Here is a massive insider tip. It’s going to be harder to buy Chablis for the next few years as the harvests have been tough. But switch to Colares Malvasia like this gorgeous wine and you’ll have plenty of intense, minerally, slightly iodine tang fun in the same style. Awesome with shellfish, gorgeous with hake.

Txakoli Ganeta

You know that prickle of refreshing zest you get in a perfectly made gin and tonic. This is wine’s answer. And it’s better. There’s a spectrum of citrus with everything from lime to grapefruit, and then the wine’s characteristic tingly fizz. It’s the perfect sharpner at the start of the evening, or at 11.5%, it’s a great choice for lunch.

Marques de Riscal Rueda Verdejo

Verdejo is like Spain’s classy answer to Sauvignon Blanc. Lots of citrussy fruit with an elegant restraint. It’s a refreshing, early-evening kind of wine, and Rioja producer Marques de Riscal is one of those who’ve captured Verdejo’s aromatic loveliness and made it famous. Have it with lighter salads, fish and chicken.


We are reliably informed, do NOT pour your Txakoli from a height to froth up the light fizz. It’s only for tourists. Pour normally, nicely chilled and enjoy the brightly, zesty citrus aromas and refreshing palate. Itsas (“sea”) and Mendi (“mountains”) tell you all about what this wine goes with (fish) and where it comes from (the hills).

Spindler Lindenhof Riesling Trocken

Vibrant, refreshing and bright. This has a core of delectable peach fruit, but it’s the passionfruit zest and the lemon zinger freshness that gives the wine lift and vibrancy. The food-matches for these Rieslings are endless. Vietnamese and Thai dishes are a favourite. Spiced salads too work beautifully. And even barbecue dishes work a treat.

Kall Stadt Weisburgunder Kabinett

Weissburgunder is German for Pinot Blanc, and it captures the floral, creamy soft style of the grape. Fermented dry, with a keen, mineral freshness, this is a great match for lots of seafood and salad dishes. But it also works with pork, sausages and slightly fatty meats, cutting through the richness beautifully.

Weingut Heinrich Klohr Riesling Kabinett Trocken

Let’s get into German wine terms. The producer here is Heinrich Klohr. He’s growing Riesling, in this case in the heart of the Palatinate, with its long association with Munich to the south. It was harvested from beautifully ripe grapes (Kabinett) and then fermented dry (Trocken). Look for apple, pear and pineapple aromas and a bright, eager character.

Sybille Kuntz Riesling Kabinett Trocken

I’ve loved this wine for a long time. This lures you into the best German winemaking. It’s ripe and dense and marked by a clear, bright apple character, but fermented dry (rather than the off-dry, lighter style of Kabinett wine in the past). This mixes a musky sweetness with a dry finish; a luscious texture with a food-loving palate. Experiment with pan-Asian flavours and lighter white meats.

Guado al Tasso Bolgheri

Vermentino is a brilliant grape to have in your wine-back-pocket. It’s like a warm-climate Sauvignon with racy, citrus fruit through to more complex, mineral textures and flavours like here. It’s also just more interesting than so much Sauvignon. This is a corker, made by the super-smart Antinori family, with herbal complexity and richness making it ideal for interesting pasta dishes and salads.