Wine Filter: Rosé

Domaine de Brize Saumur Rose Brut

If you imagine a sparkling pink Beaujolais you’d not be far wrong with this wine’s mix of apple freshness and sweet scents of cherry. Like lots of pink fizz, it’s great with pink foods like prawns or salmon, even through to the strawberries for pud. But I love this with pan-seared tuna.

Soul Tree Rosé 2013

From the ‘Napa Valley of India’, this Zinfandel rosé comes from one of the fastest-growing and most exciting wine regions in the world. It has a sweet, inviting strawberry aroma that lures you in, but don’t expect a sickly taste; this is dry, fresh and finishes with a lovely hint of fresh-cracked pepper.

Vida Nova Syrah/Aragonez Rosé 2014

Cliff Richard put Algarve winemaking on the map for most people. And he’s surprised people by not just making a juicy, bright, fruity rosé packed with red fruit but winning awards and plaudits at the same time. It’s a surprisingly versatile wine with everything from salads to salmon.

Miraval Rosé 2015

Sniff the aromas of Provence. Smell the ‘garrigue’ hillsides. Enjoy the fragrances of the rich and famous. ‘Brangelina’s’ rosé continues to enthrall. Your glass fills straight away with wild strawberries and herbs. And when you sip it, the wine has a cooling freshness for a day in the sun. Brad and Angelina, is this what your life smells like?