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Borossa Valley Estate Barossa Ink
Borossa Valley Estate Barossa Ink Country: Australia Colour / Style: Red ABV: 14.0% Units: 10.5 Closure: Screwtop Barossa Valley Estate is the product of families from across the region, bringing together the spiced, plum and currant fruit of old vine Shiraz in a bold, juicy style of red.
Chateau du Seuil Graves
Chateau du Seuil Graves Country: France Colour / Style: Red ABV: 13.0% Units: 9.75 Closure: Cork An absolute steal from Bordeaux's leading Welsh-Kiwi winemaking couple. As featured on The Wine Show with gorgeous currant and cedar aromas.
Trivento Reserve Malbec
Trivento Reserve Malbec Country: Argentina Colour / Style: Red ABV: 12.5% Units: 9.38 Closure: Screwtop Silky and rich, this inviting Malbec complements plum and berry fruit with soft vanilla and a bright lift. Great with steaks, grills and oven-baked vegetables.
Nuiton-Beaunoy Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Nuiton-Beaunoy Bourgogne Pinot Noir Country: France Colour / Style: red ABV: 12.5% Units: 9.38 Closure: Cork Refined, soft red Pinot Noir from its spiritual home in Burgundy. Supple cranberry fruit makes it the perfect match for lighter meat dishes and even a hint of spice.
Graffigna Centenario Malbec

Grill a steak, roast an aubergine, barbecue some lamb… and then relax with this wine’s lush plum fruit, soft vanilla and bright spice. A smooth red to luxuriate in and explore its complex aromas.

Barolo Neirano DOCG

Rich, complex and full-bodied, this is one of the classics, in classic style. Fresh raspberries meld with currants, while the scent of roses fills your glass. Big, bold, yet beautifully smooth, this is one for game and meats.

Santa Rita Secret Reserve Carmenere

“What Merlot lovers drank next” would be the title for a film about Carmenere. More redcurrant, spice and lift give this wine real character. It’s from one of Chile’s most historic producers and a brilliant discovery on The Wine Show

Louis Jadot Bourgogne Pinot Noir

In Louis Jadot cellars is a barrel of The Wine Show’s wine. This is their classic though, a raspberry and cherry-scented Pinot Noir. Soft, supple and fresh, perfectly ever-so-lightly chilled (even as a red) and incredibly versatile.

CUNE Rioja Reserva

There’s a winter ramble of flavours here. Leather, bramble, spice, coffee and caramel. The ultimate partner to lamb, it’s also perfectly matched with a night in front of a classic movie or box set. From one of Rioja’s most celebrated family producers.

Hirsch Vineyards West Ridge Estate Pinot Noir

I have no doubt lives have been changed by this wine. Hirsch are among the most lauded California producers by Pinotphiles. Intense and complex, this is an expression of California as much as Pinot Noir. There’s inviting richness but also delicacy. Truffles and earth, but a New World heart of vibrant berry fruit.

Conti Costanti Brunello di Montalcino

A “must try” for lovers of Brunello and great Italian reds, Andrea Costanti has worked tirelessly to make this one of the greatest Brunellos. Rich morello cherry, a clearly-defined spine from high-altitude sub-plots, spices and lingering, seamlessly integrated oak that leaves a hint of aniseed and liquorice. Utterly delicious.

Gabrio Bini Serragghia Zibibbo Secco

A wine that defies tasting notes – it’s an “amber” or orange wine, so you have the detailed structure of a red, with complex, surprising, fascinating aromas that you don’t expect constantly popping on your palate’s timeline. Beguiling. At times bizzare. Whatever you do, dont’ drink this wine without looking up winemaker Gabrio Bini and his remarkable vineyards on Pantelleria.

Marques de Riscal Finca Torrea

There’s been quiet experimention in Rioja, to look for a more modern style of wine for people who want more fruit and a tad more grip in their wines. This is Marques de Riscal’s answer. Less sweet oak, more bright fruit, a bit more bite. But still fresh. It takes brighter, more modern food too. A touch of spice, a bit of fruit, and maybe slightly richer meats like duck too.

Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserva

Maybe it’s the muscular fruit. Perhaps it’s the sweet oak. Possibly it’s the smooth texture. There’s something about Rioja that makes it a perennial favourite. It’s often the first wine people fall in love with. Served with a roast lamb Sunday lunch, it’s a classic, an archtype. And this one’s a classic in the mid-weight, ripe berry fruit style. Lovely.

Bodegas Bhilar Phincas Rioja Alavesa

Rioja is divided in three parts – Baja, Alta and Alavesa, which is the smallest and highest region and the only one that sits in the Basque country. The climate here is more extreme from warm days to cool nights. But the results are a supple, smooth, lingering wine with a combination of ripe fruit and truffley earthiness. Perfect with lamb

Pinot Noir Spatburgunder

Fresh cherries, redcurrant and sometimes raspberry in warmer valleys, German Pinot Noir is a “thing”. It’s grown fast in the last couple of decades, but Germans have kept much of this to themselves. Beautiful lightly chilled with a slighlty spiced duck salad or something involving aubergines. It also has the advantage of impressing wine friends who will notice how bang on trend you are.

Weingut Gaul Dornfelder Pfalz

Soft and dry, herbal and fruity, this is made by two sisters Karoline and Dorothee. It’s curiously both reasonably full-bodied yet lively and deftly structured. Dornfelder doesn’t have the complexity and range of Pinot Noir, but gives a softer, easier fruit. Perfect with German pork dishes (I’m a particular fan roasted with caraway seeds). The key thing is the supple texture.

Cherry Tart Pinot Noir

Here’s a quiz question: what is the word most likely to persuade someone to buy a bottle of wine? Answer? It’s “fruity”. That’s why wines like juicy, plush… “fruity” wines like this are so popular. Almost the definition of “easy drinking”, if you want to know how it tastes, look at the name. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Enjoy with a Friday night in front of the TV. Watching The Wine Show.

Tvrods Monastery Vranac

Also known as Вранац, Vranac is the great red hope for the wines of southern Bosnia and Montenegro. It’s inky dark and cherry scented and marries well with large oak vats that soften its tannins. But the key is its refreshing tingle in the mouth. Think of the zippiness of cranberries. It gives the wine a lift and zest. These ancient wine cultures are coming back. Expect to see Вранац in your wine shop soon.

Pinnes Blatina

Rich, dense, supple and fruity. This wine suits the land it comes from. Rolling, beautiful hills but untamed. It’s impossible to drink it without thinking what and where it comes from. A battlefield on the frontline of a brutal war, made by people who lined up against each other. Walking through this vineyard I tripped up over a soldier’s canteen, lost in the soil twenty five years ago. It’s sobering.