Wine Filter: Openers / Corkscrews

Electric Wine Opener with Infrared Wine Thermometer and Digital LCD Display

Driven by the wine cellar tradition of monitoring wine temperature to ensure the best flavours and aromas, the Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener features a state of the art infrared thermometer. As oenophiles know, temperature is one of the major determinants of wine flavour and balance, but by using this bottle opener, your wine will always be served at the right temperature.

Metrokane Six-Piece Rabbit Wine Tool Kit

Able to pull a cork in three seconds flat and then automatically release it on the ‘reverse’ stroke, this user-friendly ergonomic design opens bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Waiter’s Friend

A multi-tasking gadget complete with a corkscrew, a foil cutter and a standard metal-top bottle opener, makes it perfect for use at parties and events.