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Oremus Tokaji Late Harvest

In November 2017 a bottle of Tokaji was sold at a price that made it the third most expensive white wine ever. There’s something magical about the combination of marmalade and apricot sweetness and a refreshing citrus zest from the (mostly) Hungarian Furmint grape. This is a gorgeous, lighter introduction to the style from a winery owned by Spain’s famed Vega Sicilia.

Dry Tokaji, Chateau Dereszla 2014

The Chateau Dereszla is one of the wineries with the richest history in the Tokaj wine region. It has records of its winemaking dating back to the 1450’s. Today it is owned by the d’Aulan family, originally from Champagne. They arrived in 2000 and have truly revived this winery which had seen years of neglect. While this region might be world renown for its sweet wines, the dry version of Tokaji can also be fantastic as you can see with this wine.

A fantastic wine! We have a wine that has great freshness, zingyness but it is wonderfully balanced by a rich texture, and mouthfeel. No doubt a fine wine in our eyes; it really oozes class and elegance. Enjoy!