Wine Filter: Cooling

Cooper Cooler Beverage Chiller

Currently the fastest appliance to quickly chill a bottle of wine, this device is able to cool a bottle of wine in just six minutes, making it the perfect option when you are tight for time or hosting impromptu guests. Simply add ice, water, plug in, and chill.

Wine Thermometer

Attach this thermometer to any wine or Champagne bottle for an accurate temperature reading, without popping the cork. This gadget makes sure your wine is perfect before drinking your first glass.

Reusable Wine Ice Balls

Ice that never melts! These ice balls ensure a chilled and delicious sip without dilution. Simply store the ice balls in the freezer until ready, use the included clips to attach to your wine glass and enjoy.

Corkcicle Air

Designed to keep your wine cool from inside the bottle, the Corkcicle Air is genius. Keep it in the freezer, then uncork your bottle and simply pop the icicle-like Corkcicle into the open bottle to chill its contents. The easy-pour spout makes serving a breeze and the built-in aerator enhances the aromatic flavours.

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler

Slip the Rapid Ice Wine Cooler over your wine bottle and the contents will be chilled within 10 minutes or so. Once cooled, the wine will remain chilled for hours, making it a perfect companion for dining al fresco on warm summer nights.