Wine Filter: Bosnia

Tvrods Monastery Vranac

Also known as Вранац, Vranac is the great red hope for the wines of southern Bosnia and Montenegro. It’s inky dark and cherry scented and marries well with large oak vats that soften its tannins. But the key is its refreshing tingle in the mouth. Think of the zippiness of cranberries. It gives the wine a lift and zest. These ancient wine cultures are coming back. Expect to see Вранац in your wine shop soon.

Pinnes Blatina

Rich, dense, supple and fruity. This wine suits the land it comes from. Rolling, beautiful hills but untamed. It’s impossible to drink it without thinking what and where it comes from. A battlefield on the frontline of a brutal war, made by people who lined up against each other. Walking through this vineyard I tripped up over a soldier’s canteen, lost in the soil twenty five years ago. It’s sobering.

Pinnes Zilavka

You may not see a Zilavka for a year, or several years. But keep it in mind. This refreshing, citrusy, ripe white is the future of wine from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Not complex, but we can’t all drink Montrachet every day. But great value, attractively bright, distinctive and characterful. It’s also generally good – we tasted lots and they were all lovely. If you see Zilavka like this appear on shelves, buy it.