Wine Filter: Aerating

TRIbella Wine Aerator

This multi-stream wine aeration device makes pouring your wine simple, elegant, and drip free, whilst speeding up the aeration process.

Wine Breather Carafe

The Menu Wine Breather Carafe allows you to breathe your wine in an instant. Simply connect the unique wine breather with your bottle of wine and pour. You can either serve the wine in the elegant carafe, or turn around once more to let the well-breathed wine run back into the original bottle. The Wine Breather will mature and soften your wine as much as several months of bottle ageing.

Vacu Vin Wine Aerator

Designed to slow the flow of wine into the glass and for it to take up extra oxygen, the process will leave your wine with an enriched taste. The detachable top enables this process to be observed, as well as the detection of unwanted sediments before they enter the wine.