Sorrell’s Virtual Reality

Part of the problem when commissioning a custom-made wine room is envisioning what it’s going to look like. In recent years there’s been an improvement in the quality of flat plans, but they’re a bit well… flat.

However, Sorrells Custom Wine Rooms has a superb Virtual Reality facility that allows you to see exactly how your wine room would look, and how it would function.

Located in their Essex factories, you simply decide on the features you require, select the appropriate images and see your wine room come to life. Not happy with some aspect? Change it and see if your new idea fits in with your overall concept.

Design and experience your wine room before a single piece of wood has been cut. Contact Sorrells Wine Rooms and make an appointment to not only discuss your wine room requirements.

Pretending you’re in The Matrix is an optional extra.

Check out the Virtual Reality