Q & A on the Richard Brendon X Jancis Robinson Glassware Collection

Richard Brendon’s unique contemporary designs were born out of a passion for celebrating and preserving craftsmanship found in heritage industries around the world. Inspired by the intricate skill and detailed precision exemplified by the artisans, he has created many elegant collections.

Here, he answers questions about his collaboration with world-renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson to produce an exquisite range, including the perfect ‘one glass for every wine’ glass.

How did your collaboration come about?

I approached Jancis Robinson with a view to work jointly on a glassware collection. She proposed the novel idea, that if we were to design a wine glass collection together, it should have only one size and shaped wine glass.

Why one glass?

Jancis’ reply was ‘A different glass for each different wine may increase potential pleasure by a few per cent, but who has the space to store multiple different sorts of wine glass?’. The Wine Glass is at the heart of the collection and has been specifically designed to offer the best tasting experience for every wine, whatever its style or strength, including Champagne, port, sherry and beyond.

What is the capacity of the Wine Glass by Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon?

The Wine Glass has been designed to hold a ‘perfect pour’ of 125ml so that the wine comes to the widest point of the bowl, maximising the release of aromas.

Is the Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon glassware collection lead-free?

Yes. The collection is handmade by master craftspeople in Eastern Europe where the pieces are meticulously mouth-blown to produce a particularly fine rim, which minimises the amount of glass that comes between the wine and the palate.

Is Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon glassware dishwasher safe?

Absolutely! The glassware has been designed to fit any standard dishwasher and its sturdy stem minimises the likelihood of breakages.