Mornington Peninsula: Hospitable to people, if not to grapes…

As we continue to celebrate our new partnership with wine travel specialists Winerist, we look back at our presenters visiting just a few of the many wonderful places Winerist offers tours to.

This week, Amelia Singer heads down under to explore one of wine’s best-kept secrets – The Mornington Peninsula…


Amelia Singer

I was prepared for anything. Dressed as Reese Witherspoon from Wild, it was time to meet Mornington Peninsula. A cool-climate wine region, its harsh environment for grape growing is notorious amongst wine makers.

Warwick Ross may be a well-known film producer, yet his bravery in winemaking is just as impressive. His winery, Portsea Estate, lies at the furthermost point of the Peninsula, exposed to the elements. Initially startled upon discovering the wind-whipped site in 2000, he now produces Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that critics compare to top Burgundian wines.

Paradoxically, this hostile terrain has created not only wonderful wine, but also an extremely hospitable ‘cellar door’ ethos. The concept is that visitors try the wines and also enjoy local cuisine. Dishes are prepared on-site and savoured whilst looking out over a stunning panorama.

Further down the road, Foxey’s Hangout takes the ‘cellar door’ experience one step further. Run by Tony and Michael, two brothers and former Melbournite pub owners, the Hangout features not only tastings, but you can make your own sparkling wine too! Partial to pink, I had great fun choosing how much Pinot Noir to add to my white wine base for extra fruity flavour and colour. The result was a beautiful, blushing sparkling rosé whose packaging I could also choose! Feasting on local produce and sipping the sparkling wine I myself created from grapes around me, I completely understood these Peninsula wine pioneers.

Ten Minutes by Tractor 2014 10X Pinot Noir

I’ve been in love with this estate ever since I dropped in for impromptu lunch 10 years ago. This Pinot Noir heaves with lush red fruit and a walk-in-the-woods earthiness. Grouse pie, roasted quail, rabbit stew – this is the wine to make these dishes sing. One of my favourite wines of the show.

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