Meet The Producer

We talk to Stephen Cronk; father, husband and owner of Mirabeau. The Cronk’s, a British family followed their dream and swapped their London life for Provence and are now producing multi-award winning rosé wine.

Tell us about Mirabeau…

In 2009, Stephen and Jeany Cronk left south-west London with their three young children to pursue their dream of making wine in Provence, with barely a word of French between them and certainly no winemaking experience…

Today, Mirabeau is one of the best selling Provence rosés in the UK and their award-winning wines are being sold in over 45 countries.

Who’s the boss?

Technically Stephen, but in reality Jeany. Ask anyone who knows them…!

How old is the company?

It was founded in January 2010, so 8½ years old (or 8 vintages as we like to say.)

What wines will you be bringing to The Wine Show Live?

Mirabeau Classic and Pure, as featured in The Wine Show. If you’re lucky we may give a sneak preview of our new pink sparkling La Folie.

Why is The Wine Show Live such a good idea?

It brings the faces of the show to the people who loved watching it. The cast and crew are ridiculously likeable and worth sharing a glass of rosé with.

Do you have a favourite wine or vintage that has been made?

Yes, whichever Mirabeau happens to be in my glass when you ask me!

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