Lockdown Learning

At this stage of lockdown with most of us having exhausted all the amusing Zoom conference call background possibilities, you’re probably looking for something to challenge you. Maybe even something to stimulate, entertain, and educate? Expand your expertise in a field of interest?

So how can wine lovers do this? Here are some options:

The WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust)

WSET provides best-in-class education and qualifications to inspire and empower the world’s wine and spirits’ professionals and enthusiasts. The WSET qualifications are globally recognised as the international standard of wine and spirit knowledge. Whether you want to pursue a career in the industry, or you just have a passion for wine and want to expand your knowledge, then WSET has an option that will suit you.

Online Courses

Check out the WSET courses that can lead to valid qualifications within the industry, or just bragging rights within your Wine Club.

WSET’s Tasting Notes App

This is a great app that helps you create and store structured and consistent notes on the wines you’re tasting. It also provides useful tips on how to record your notes. This app would be very handy if you decide to do one of the WSET courses.

The Wine Show Education Hub

The Wine Show has teamed up with WSET to create an Education Hub. The hub is filled with all the resources you need to expand your wine knowledge. There’s also has a taster email wine course, and lots more tips from WSET’s wine experts.

Top of the Class Challenge

Our TOTCC is a great quiz and really puts your wine, spirits and sake  knowledge to the test. You sign up to TOTCC, and each Friday they will send you a themed quiz to exercise your brain cells. Whether you’re a wine fledgling, or an enthusiast looking to expand your understanding, the quizzes are great fun.

Explore some further lockdown learning here – https://thewineshow.com/uk/wset/