Joe and Amelia soak up Porto and the Douro Valley


As we continue to celebrate our new partnership with wine travel specialists Winerist, we look back at our presenters visiting just a few of the many wonderful places Winerist offers tours to.

This week, you have the chance to soak up some of Joe and Amelia’s luxurious trip through the Douro Valley in an effort to better understand the mystery of Port.

Port – A Contemporary Classic

Amelia Singer

Picture yourself, sitting in a trendy bar on a hot summer’s evening, sipping – not a Gin and Tonic – but a delicious and refreshing Port cocktail. Not quite the image of Port that you had in mind? Well hopefully after this episode, that will change.

Port is a fortified wine Brits have been drinking since the end of the 17th century. Although the drink has evolved into all kinds of styles and colours, our Port drinking habits have never been more conservative. Usually, it is just drunk neat with a piece of stilton at Christmas time. The irony is that in the 17th century, Port was a main ingredient in cocktails. British gentlemen and sea captains combined it with sugar, water and nutmeg to form the “sangaree” (precursor to modern day Sangria).

In Porto and the Douro valley, wine producers are reinventing Port and its cocktail association. The well known wine bar of the Yeatman Hotel in the heart of Porto, boast an extensive list of Port cocktails. From the sparkling, pink and fruity to the robust and Bourbon based, there’s one for every palate. Even Joe enjoyed his flamingo coloured concoction!

Buzzy wine bars and experimental Port cocktails are just some of the ways that the Port region is trying to reinvigorate its image. More Port families, like the Symington’s, are building modern tasting rooms and opening up their wineries to encourage tourism in the area. The Douro is one of the most dramatically beautiful wine regions that I have experienced – and also the most underrated. Hopefully, as with the cocktails themselves, people will soon realise what they are missing out on.

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