How Will Joe Fattorini Be Spending Christmas This Year?


With only two days left to go until Christmas, we sat down with our resident wine expert,  Joe Fattorini, to find out his traditions and how he’ll be spending his time during the festive period! 


Are you on the naughty or nice list this year?

Joe: I am a very naughty boy. And I worked out years ago you still get the presents. I’m not even that keen on the word “nice”. I once ran a student restaurant and banned diners from using “nice” in their reviews. 

What are you asking the big man for?

Joe: A good night’s sleep. We have a two-year old. That and a book about the early TV chef Fanny Craddock. She lived in my Grandparent’s house once. And left the kitchen in such a state they had to redecorate.

What does a regular Christmas day look like in the Fattorini household?

Joe: There is no regular Christmas Day. There’s a Swedish Christmas Eve. And sometimes a Yorkshire Christmas Day with people from the Dales, to York, to Harrogate and Huddersfield. Huddersfield I tell you. But this year is a quiet one with friends. Then the Yorkshire people arrive on Boxing Day. 

What will you be pairing with your Christmas dinner this year?

Joe: I do know it will be an enormous bottle. I’ve just no idea what’ll be in it. I love magnums, jeroboams and Marie-Jeans when there are lots of you. It doesn’t need to be swanky wine. But there’s something special about all sharing the same bottle.

What will be your go to wine glass to enjoy this delicious wine? 

Joe: I have a cluster – is that the right word? – of Jancis Robinson + Richard Brendon One Glasses. And a young wine decanter. I’m going to decant the white. People should do that more often.

What would be your top tip for hosting a successful Christmas day?

Joe: Buy the biggest bottle that will satisfy everyone round the table. And don’t serve your best wine. You won’t remember it and nothing works that well with cranberry sauce.

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