Some Exciting News From The Wine Show @ HOME Team.

When Lockdown started, we wanted to support our friends in the wine industry with a simple idea. Restaurants and bars might have closed, but specialist, independent shops wanted people to know they were still delivering great wines across the country. So Joe started talking about their wines in a makeshift studio in his attic. And more people than we ever imagined, tuned in three nights a week.

Gradually we discovered we had created a community of wine lovers. All like-minded individuals. Some fans of The Wine Show. Some new friends. And The Wine Show @ HOME was born. Joe in his attic, you at home. We hosted wine tastings, Q&As, special guests, anecdotes galore (both modern and Greek), quizzes, singing, and occasionally jaunty hats. It has been a glorious boost to wine lovers’ spirits in a difficult time. And we are so grateful to everyone who has joined in. We’ve also raised money for hospitality and NHS charities and sent many bottles of wine to frontline healthcare workers.

But now, at last, #lockdown is beginning to ease. And we’re slowly returning to normality. The Wine Show @ HOME has been such fun, and we’re going to keep it going.

We are moving to one spectacular episode a week. Thursdays at 7pm.

But reducing the frequency doesn’t mean you’ll be getting less value from us. On the contrary. We’ll keep supporting our wine trade friends and bring you even more great topics and interesting guests. And every so often we’ll throw in ‘special’ weeks and bring you even more episodes (more on that next week). There might even be the odd appearance of Dino the Dachshund.

So from everyone at The Wine Show – thank you for being part of this.

Now – mark your calendars. The Wine Show @ HOME – Thursdays – 7pm.