Wine Gadgets & Accessories

The world of wine lends itself to gadgets. Whether it’s for opening, cooling, pouring or preserving, someone has tried to find a way to give us the best glass of wine possible.

Wine Preservation Systems

Episode 1: Ways to Keep Wine Fresh…

So, is there a single best way to preserve wine?

Many products claim to keep wine fresh, but there are only two ways:

  1. A Stopper: the most basic method is to put something in the neck of the bottle to prevent fresh oxygen getting into the wine. But this does nothing to prevent the oxygen already in the bottle from oxidising the wine, so the emptier the bottle, the less effective this will be.
  2. More complex innovations aim to remove as much oxygen as possible from the bottle before sealing it.

As anyone who enjoys a glass or two of wine will know, after a while oxygen is the great enemy. It’s initially beneficial in small doses, of course – or for some wines even large ones – but eventually oxygen will progressively destroy the quality. These two gadgets take very different approaches to overcoming this chemical conundrum.


Episode 2: Transporting Wine

In its traditional form, the humble corkscrew simply consists of a pointed metallic helix, also known as the ‘worm’, attached to a handle (sometimes even made from old vine stumps), which you screw into the cork then exert upward vertical force to extract it, accompanied by a satisfying ‘pop’. But with the passage of time, this useful little device has grown in complexity. With added handles, hinges, levers, bunny ears and even screwdrivers, these are all corkscrews, but not as you know it.

Wine On The Go

Episode 3: Taking your wine to go

Some wines truly benefit from aeration, or in other words a bit of oxygen, with decanters being a popular option for restaurateurs and wine fanatics alike. Decanters also serve a second purpose for older wines, by separating the wine from its sediment, making sure you enjoy every last mouthful and appreciate the complex aromas.

Damage Limitation

Episode 4: Anti-mess

Wine is deeply influenced by a number of elements found in the environment in which it grows, and identifying the aromas in your glass helps you appreciate wine in all its complexity. Sommeliers and entry-level wine lovers turn to aroma kits to develop their understanding of wine, to identify the common flavour of blackcurrant and the more obscure, such as burnt toast.


Episode 5: Learn more about wine

Wine and good weather go hand in hand; there is nothing better than sitting in the sun with a chilled glass of wine. Here are a number of nifty tools to solve the problem of spillage, heat and a lost wine glass whilst drinking al fresco.


Episode 6: Keep your gadgets clean

Socialising and celebrating usually means there is wine on the cards; this selection of gadgets can change a simple gathering into an occasion.