Episode 5 Featured Wines


From their villa HQ in the Italian hills, The Wine Show Team heads to Chianti and the former home of Mona Lisa Gherardini, subject of Da Vinci’s famous portrait; the Maule valley in Chile and to Moldova inside one of the biggest cellars in the world. The bottles highlighted below all feature in Episode 5.

At the moment, we have most of the wines listed available to buy in the UK, and we’re working on getting these wines available to those of you around the world soon. When we find out the best way to get hold of these wines, we’ll be getting them ready for you.

With these wines, you too can discover just why we’re so excited about these vinous greats. In some cases, though, such is the nature of ‘small-scale’ wine making, there just aren’t enough bottles to go round, so our resident expert Joe Fattorini has suggested some great alternatives, wines he knows and recommends as being similar in style and worthy of your attention.

Browse the wine, buy from Amazon with a couple of clicks, and enjoy a top-class glass. Clink clink… Santé!