English Wine Week (with a very special guest)

English wines are fast becoming a force majeure in the wine industry.

English Wine Week which is organised by Wines of GB is taking place from 20th-28th June 2020, and is an ideal opportunity to get to know English wines better. Vineyards, winemakers and retailers, will be highlighting the many fantastic English wines that are readily available for you to enjoy, and where to buy them.

Historically, English wine production has been modest. However, recent warmer summers have played a role in increasing wine production. There’s been an expansion of vineyards across Southern England where the limestone soils (technically chalk) of Sussex, Kent and other portions of southern England and Wales, are suitable for growing the grapes used to produce sparkling wines.

At the last official count, the Wine Standards Board reported that there were approximately 450 vineyards producing wine throughout England. Interestingly there are even vineyards as far north as Leeds in Yorkshire.

Despite the current Lockdown restrictions, there are myriad activities for English Wine Week taking place, including wine tastings, a picnic tour at a winery, quizzes, talks and even has Charlie Worsley and Oz Clarke visit three of the finest English vineyards and wineries, to participate in online tastings.

Additionally, there are lots of special offers and promotions so not only can you expand your cellar with some impressive English Wines, you can join in the tastings.

And in more exciting news…

On Thursday 25th June on The Wine Show @ HOME, Joe Fattorini’s special guest will be…

Dominic West!

Star of The Wire, The Affair, Brassic and of course one of the presenters of The Wine Show Series 3.

Want to taste along? Order the exact same wines that Joe & Dominic are tasting, and you too can enjoy whilst watching the episode (UK only). 

Thursday 25th June / 7pm BST