Ask any keen wine traveller you know where they’d most like to travel, and France might be mentioned a few times. California or Mendoza might be the answer of those a bit more well-seasoned. But how many do you think would answer with “Chile”? Too few, certainly! Well, that’s something that we are looking to change!

Red Wine Glass

Nestled in central Chile, is the Colchagua Valley. it may not be the first place that springs to mind at the mention of wine, but that could soon be a thing of the past. Colchagua’s Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for producing bolder red wines, but the abundance of microclimates and increased development in the area means that lighter grapes and fresher wines are beginning to make more of an appearance, with Sauvignon Blanc leading the way among them.

Indeed, it’s not only the climate that favours vineyards but the landscape itself, with dry, well-drained granite soils refreshed by both the Tinguiririca River and the crystal clear meltwater it carries from the Andes, which enriches the soil not only with moisture but minerals vital for viticulture. This, in turn, leads to smaller yields, but grapes that are positively bursting with flavour. Cool breezes brought inland over coastal regions of Colchagua also benefit from increased temperature variance, giving grapes grown there the perfect blend of ripeness and acidity.

Yes, Chile has not been established as long as other wine regions (with Colchagua even newer compared to other areas such as Maipo Valley) but it has found both popularity and recognition in a short time due to their quality blends and powerhouse reds, which have even piqued the interest of French investors!

Vineyards in Chile

It may not be in the mainstream for every wine traveller as, but Colchagua Valley is popular amongst wine tourists, and even referred to as Chile’s very open Napa Valley – in fact, modern infrastructure and wineries are being built with this specifically in mind, making it an ideal place for such visits. 

With gorgeous vineyards, coastline, forests, and meadows, it’s not just the wine that’ll delight your senses; both locals and tourists alike suggest that wine enthusiasts travel between vineyards by bicycle to better enjoy the scenery and soak up the atmosphere, which is why our partners Winerist make sure to include bicycles as part of their Colchagua tour package.

For all your wine travelling needs and to find out more information about this region and to visit the Winerist website.