The Wine Show Chefs

“A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine,” said the 19th century gastronome and writer Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. And for the 12 chefs who The Wine Show is lucky enough to feature, we doubt any would disagree.

Food and wine matching is a subject about which much is written. Undoubtedly it’s true that certain wines work well with certain foods, and understanding a little about the flavour profiles of wines can help us all make good choices.

But generally speaking, most of us decide what we’re going to drink after we’ve decided what we’re going to eat. On The Wine Show we decided to reverse this idea and asked our 12 chefs to choose a wine they loved, then create a dish to complement it.

We put no limitations on the chefs. It was important to us that they each came to the show with a story to tell about why they felt a connection to a certain wine. And they didn’t disappoint, even if the wines of Burgundy are a little over-represented! From simple Chablis that reminds one chef of his first great meal, to the wine served at another chef’s wedding, all offer a fascinating glimpse into the minds of our chefs and allow us to explore their exceptional palates and cooking skills.