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Swirling Carafe

Swirling Carafe

Manufacturer: Vacuvin

The Swirling Carafe is a glass carafe ontop of a turning cork platform. With a gentle push the off-centre platform spins and rolls the wine within around the carafe.

The Carafe has won numerous awards for its inovative, elegant and functional proporties.

RRP – £50

Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Brush


The decanter cleaning brush is a flexible long brush which can bend to reach the nooks and crannies of unusually shaped decanters.

It is made of firm synthetic materials which keeps it shape and also keeps bacteria and stains to a minimum.

RRP – £7.99

Cleaning Balls

Cleaning Balls


Cleaning Pearls are stainless steel balls which clean the hard to reach nooks and crannies of a decanter.

The beads are placed in the decanter with water, when gently rolled around the base they dislodge any stains and deposits.

RRP – £5.95

Flat Wines

Flat Wines

Manufacturer: Garcon Wines

Garçon Wines’ claims to be the first UK wine delivery service able to post full-sized wine bottles through the customers’ letterbox. The company has created full-size flat, plastic  bottles which are significantly thinner and two inches taller than traditional wine bottles.

The idea was born when the owner heard his friend complaining about missing a wine delivery. The initiative gained traction after winning £20K on Dragon’s Den-style show ‘Pop Up Start Up’.

The company are still working on partnerships with wineries which means the wine is just for demonstration purposes.

Subscriptions has not launched yet.

Mini Wines

Mini Wines

Manufacturer: Vinoa

Vinoa is a wine subscription club which is aimed at wine-lovers who want to drink good wines by the glass.

The company repackages some of the world’s best wines into smaller bottles which they distribute to subscription members.

The subscription is a good way to explore a range of world class wines without having to spend a fortune.

The company offer monthly artisan wines (187ml) which comes with a tasting card to help educate the customer.

Monthly subscription £37 (x6 187ml bottles)

Non Stain Shirt

Non Stain Shirt

Manufacturer: Lab Fresh

Lab Fresh is a long lasting smart shirt that is un-stainable. The material is created by treating the cotton fibres with a patented INDUO® technology before it is spun into fabric.

The treatment creates a material that blocks all fluids from entering the fabric, thereby making it un-stainable.


RRP – shirts €109. Socks and tie also available.

Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug Wine Glass

Manufacturer: The Mighty Mug

Following the success of the Mighty Mug travel cup, Mighty Mug have launched a range of “glassware”, including a tumbler, pint glass and wine glass.

The glass uses smart grip technology which creates an airlock between the base and the table top. The material grips when knocked sideways but lifts effortlessly when picked up for a drink.

The “glasses” are made of crystal clear, BPA Free Tritan plastic.

RRP – set of two $29.99.