Stretch Your Mind By A New Experience

Oliver Wendell Holmes said ‘A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions’. In our mind there’s no more glorious experience than a wine tasting holiday and tour. Visiting beautiful venues and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles, is soul-enriching.

Winerist (pronounced wy-ner-ist and meaning someone who enjoys wine, food, travel and outstanding experiences), is the official travel partner of The Wine Show. It’s a global tour and lifestyle content provider, offering exceptional bespoke holidays and wine tours in some of the most beautiful and enchanting locations in the world.

So while you’re relaxing in the garden sipping something fresh and fruity, and enjoying your Lockdown to the max, why not plan a superb Winerist holiday or tour for next year? Unleash your inner Joe Fattorini and plan the ultimate dream wine holiday or tour in stunning locations across the world. It would be something wonderful to which you can look forward. You can even book for 2021 now and pay later.

Where will your next adventure take you?