A Tanglewood Journey

From wine tourism to wine accessories. The story of how our friends at Tanglewood Premium Wine Accessories shifted their business from organising wine tours to providing excellent wine refrigeration and superb wine accessories, is at first an unlikely segue. In 1977 Tanglewood Wine Tours introduced many happy clients to the delights of visits to vineyards in France, Spain, and California and were highly successful for a number of years.

The company’s immersion in all things wine-related then led in 2004 to a logical evolvement into concentrating on providing Premium Wine refrigeration, and accessory products. It now specialises in the design and build of bespoke Wine Rooms, wine racks, wine cellar racking, wine cabinets, wine cellar design, and cellar air conditioning. It provides world-leading wine cabinets that are designed to keep your wine at the optimal temperature for storage and drinking.

The company works with you to find the perfect Transtherm Wine Cabinet for your home whether you just want to keep a few bottles in the garage or build a whole dedicated wine room. Tanglewood is also the exclusive distributor of Eurocave who designs and manufactures the Transtherm Wine Cabinets.

Tanglewood Premium Wine Accessories also has a splendid range of wine accessories ranging from beautifully detailed rolled maps showing the principal wine-growing areas of Europe (good for organising wine tours) to Coravin’s and stylish sommeliers. If you’re looking to buy a special gift for a wine lover, or just want to treat yourself, there are lots of exclusive items to choose from.

So from organising worldwide wine adventures to providing sleek refrigerated wine rooms, it seems a natural progression for Tanglewood.

But don’t expect any of the maps to have an ‘X’ marks the spot. We know, we checked.