Getting Entangled With Tanglewood

The name Tanglewood might well invoke an image of a mid-summer magical forest where the exploits of woodland creatures delight us. A lovely idea but you might be surprised to learn that while Tanglewood Premium Wine Accessories don’t work out of a woodland grove, they are specialists in magical wine cabinets, cellar design, wine racking and wine accessories.

The world-leading wine cabinets are designed to keep your wine at the optimal temperature for storage and drinking. Tanglewood works with you to find the perfect Transtherm Wine Cabinet for your home whether you just want to keep a few bottles in the garage or build a whole dedicated wine room. Tanglewood are also the exclusive distributor Eurocave who design and manufacture the Transtherm Wine Cabinets.

However, Tanglewood Premium Wine Accessories also offer some essential must-have aspirational wine items you never knew you needed. As well as an extensive range of Coravins, glassware, pins & cufflinks and corkscrews, they also offer the following options.

Easily the most interesting is the Le Nez Du Vin. It’s a box that contains aromas which stimulate your scent memory to recognise wines. There are index cards and explanations to clarify the correlation between the aromas and the wine. They also do kits for coffee and whisky.

Another favourite is the Vin Garde Valise Wine Suitcase. It’s exactly what you think it is, a specially designed suitcase in which wine lovers can safely transport wines, spirits and artisanal olive oils.

They also offer superb Perceval SOMMELIER Professional Wine Knives. Beautifully designed, the materials used for the handles have been selected for their natural longevity, and the high-end steel chosen for the blade ensures an extremely sharp edge.

Tanglewood also sells Wine Maps. There can’t be any better way to find out about a region and its wines, than to pinpoint the location of vineyards and where grapes grow best. You can identify famous regions as well as neighbouring wine spots that normally fly under the radar.

So in conclusion, while we might mourn the absence of magical woodland creatures at Tanglewood, they more than make up for it with the other magical options they offer wine lovers.