Cool Runnings

Let’s dispel the myth right here, right now. Everyone can afford wine storage, and if you’re serious about wine it’s a must have. Buying wine storage is like buying a car. Budgets go from the modest to the extravagant. However, you don’t admonish yourself for buying a car if you need one, and consequently shouldn’t feel you’re being self-indulgent should you decide to invest in wine storage. It’s not an elitist affectation, it’s an essential requirement if you’re passionate about wine and wish to build your collection.

As you know all wine whether red, white or rosé should be stored at a temperature of between 10-14 degrees with a humidity level of about 65%. Achieving this by storing your wine in cheap wooden racks in the corner of your kitchen, or the cupboard under the stairs is an impossibility and consequently, your wine may suffer.

Sorrells Custom Wine Cellars has been trading for over half a century as makers of wine racks and wine storage facilities. Sorrells make beautiful, unique wine rooms and wine cellars in homes and restaurants throughout the UK, Europe and further afield.

Their bespoke capabilities allow them to cater to and design anything from modest under the stairs or attic wine rooms, to vast underground cellars.

So if you love wine, but only have a modest budget and an unused closet or a corner of the garage to spare, you can still attain your dream of owning a wine cellar.

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