Boxing Clever

As The Wine Show predicted some time back, during Lockdown there’s been a meteoric rise in the buying and consumption of wine in boxes. This may be due to greater wine imbibing, or maybe it’s a convenient way to maximise your ‘essential’ grocery shopping trips? Either way, we believe that wine box sales will continue to rise post-pandemic.

Once people realise that the design of wine boxes has improved significantly since their depressing predecessors, and they get over any snobby old-school sommelier prejudices, they’re quick to see the advantages of buying wine in boxes. Not only will wine in a box preserve your wine for weeks, it will also significantly decrease your carbon footprint.

So what about options? Unless your wine needs to be aged, almost any wine is suitable to be boxed. When In Rome are leaders in their field. They specialise in premium alternative format wines, and they are also the sole supplier for our The Wine Show Wine Box available at the Unpacked scheme in selected Waitrose stores across the UK.

Additionally, all the major British supermarkets Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons have excellent lists of boxed wines and will deliver right to your door, along with your other ‘essential items’.

With COVID-19 safety guidelines set to stay in place for some time even restaurants when they re-open, maybe we should all start considering the advantages of boxed wines? So, experiment and tap into this boxy resource.