Tasting Australia’s most iconic wine

As we continue to celebrate our new partnership with wine travel specialists Winerist, we look back at our presenters visiting just a few of the many wonderful places Winerist offers tours to.

This week, Amelia Singer has been in Australia to meet her ‘wine pin-up’ Stephen Henschke, and try the iconic Hill of Grace…

Amelia Singer

I did not sleep the night before filming at the Henschke family home. Meeting Stephen Henschke, for a wine geek, is equivalent to thespians meeting Cate Blanchett. Both Australians are justifiably considered royalty in their specific fields. And yes, being introduced to Stephen, in his world famous vineyard, The Hill of Grace, was one of the most significant moments of my wine career – but not for the reasons I thought it would be.

I knew that this vineyard was over 150 years old, producing some of the most expensive wine in the world. These wines are not your stereotypical Aussie fruity, oaky, alcoholic fruit bombs; their exotic spice and concentrated flavours evoke the years of loving care this one family has given these grapes, over six generations. What I had not envisaged was how humble and genuine Stephen and all the Henschkes would be.

The tenacious Lutheran work ethic of the family’s immigrant ancestors is reflected in the winery ethos today. They view their job as earth’s caretakers, never producing more than they needed even when faced with commercial opportunities, and everyone works together as a supportive unit. That’s not to say that Stephen shies away from modernity, judging from the cutting-edge machinery and his dog’s own Twitter account. The Henschkes may make stunning wine but they do not take themselves too seriously – as the annual Kegel competition attests!

Henschke Hill of Grace

It’s hard to know where to begin. ‘Profoundly powerful’ say the Henschke family. And it is. Like many great wines, it’s not just the astonishing depth, complexity and quality. This wine oozes history. A single vineyard, named after a region in Silesia and shared with a Luthern Church. Making fruit so exceptional it defies description, but is packed with cherry, currant, black pepper, plum, cedar, liquorice, sage… This vintage is among the most highly rated wines in the world by experts today. If you get the chance to try it, you should.

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