You don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy drinking it… but it helps! We’re proud to be partnered with WSET, who are at the forefront of wine education here, and we love to put our knowledge (and that of our students) to the test! Think you have what it takes to be a wine buff, or perhaps even work in the wine industry one day? Try our quick wine quiz and see how you measure up! Note down your answers and check the correct answers at the end…


Q1) What does it mean for a red wine to appear brown in colour?

Q2) Red wines are made from black grapes and white wines from white grapes: true or false?

Q3) Why can it be difficult to pair wine with chocolate correctly?

Q4) Why is it important to swirl wine before sampling it?

Q5) How might you describe a wine that made your mouth water after tasting it?

Q6) Sense of smell is a vital factor in wine tasting: true or false?

Q7) Can any red wines be served chilled?



A1) The wine hasn’t “gone funny”, it’s merely an older wine. In contrast, younger reds can have more purplish-violet shades instead.

A2) Both! Grape varieties can indeed affect what type of wine is produced, but colour can also depend on whether grape skins were involved in the winemaking process (for example, Champagne is made from Pinot Noir (black grapes))

A3) Both contain tannins, which can leave a dry, bitter aftertaste.

A4) Swirling wine introduces more of the liquid to oxygen the air, which aerates it. This “opens” the wine, which softens the flavour and enhances its aroma.

A5) Acidic.

A6) True. Our sense of taste and smell are intrinsically linked – without a proper sense of smell, we cannot properly taste things (which is why everything tastes wrong when you have a cold!).

A7) Yes! While most are best served at room temperature, certain light and medium bodied red wines can be served chilled to great success.


Less Than Three Correct Answers: Wannabe Wine Taster


Never fear, for what you lack in knowledge you make up for in enthusiasm. Everyone has to start somewhere, and even the most respected sommeliers were once wine newbies! Take this as a sign to brush up on your skills a bit – a good place to start is always tasting more wine (luckily) but you can also find out more by visiting our Education Hub or by enrolling in one of WSET’S wine courses.


Between Four and Five Correct Answers: Enthusiast


Look at you, you’re well on your way to perfection! You already have a solid knowledge base, but don’t be afraid to build on it, especially if you have your heart set on a career in the wine field. Get a leg up in a competitive industry and take your knowledge to the next level with one of WSET’S intermediate wine courses.


Six or more Correct Answers: Wine Expert

Known amongst your friends and family as The Wine Buff, you’re the first person people will ask for help when it comes to wine pairings or trying a new variety. Of course, the journey of a wine lover is never over and there’s always more to be learned, so keep your mind open, your eyes on the prize, and who knows where you’ll end up?