Amelia Singer

Amelia Singer is an exciting new voice in the UK wine industry. Although she has only been in the wine business for eight years, she has made the most of that time. She’s completed the prestigious WSET Diploma and been lucky enough to get hands-on experience in wineries all over the world; from Bordeaux in France, Rioja in Spain and one of the most prestigious vineyards in Chile.

She has also worked with well-known wine retailers, importers and online fine-wine merchants – all of which has given her a wide knowledge of the wine industry. Amelia has previously been a regular presenter on Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube and is a contributor to his Drinkstube blog.

“Wine is so often treated in a serious way but it shouldn’t be. Being part of The Wine Show has allowed me to fulfil my mission to demystify wine. I really want to empower people when it comes to choosing wine – whether you’re in the supermarket or in the fanciest restaurant, it should be fun and something to enjoy… and we certainly do on The Wine Show.”