Jaega Wise

Our newest member to the drinks expert team is Jaega Wise. With Jaega we step away from our comfort zone and learn about something different then wine!

Jaega’s background is in the field of Chemical Engineering, where she worked for big firms in international chemical import and trading. She decided to give up her old job and go into business with her two friends from Nottingham; a city well known for its beer. She is now the Head Brewer of East London based micro-brewery, Wild Card– a venture that quickly evolved from a pub basement to an industrial estate in Walthamstow and now exports internationally to Russia.

Jaega’s role combines her expertise in engineering, mathematics, logistics and a love of all things beer. She is a member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and regularly brews with the ladies of the Venus Project, which aims to promote women in brewing through education & collaborative brewing.

Jaega has written articles for the likes of; The Independent, The Evening Standard and The Times and featured on Radio and Channel 4.