5 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Wine In A Box  

For most of you who were old enough to drink back in the 80’s and remember drinking ‘boxed wine’, well these are probably memories you want to keep well and truly boxed up (pun absolutely intended) and kept right there.

The cheap, poor quality wine resulting in terrible hangovers is now a thing of the past. Boxed wine is making a come back and we highly recommend getting involved in this resurgence and here are 5 reasons why.

It’s More Convenient

Heading to the park for a picnic with your friends this weekend? Make it easy for yourself. Carrying one 2.25 litre box of wine is much easier then carrying 3 bottles.

It Stays Fresher For Longer

Only fancy having one glass tonight but don’t want to waste the wine? Then crack open a box, once opened wine lasts up to six weeks.

It’s Better For The Environment

Bag in Box packaging has far fewer carbon emissions than a single bottle, as does the transporting of the wine box.

It Takes Up Less Space

Our friends at When in Rome have cleverly designed their boxes so they fit nicely in your fridge door. That’s 3 bottles worth of wine tucked away neatly for you, you’re welcome!

Better Value Than Bottles

Lighter, easier to stack box wine costs much less to transport.
A saving that gets passed onto you – it’s a win win for everyone!


Great Quality

Just because buying in box is better value it doesn’t mean the quality is compromised.  Handpicked premium wine from the best small and family run independent producers, that have been perfecting their craft over generations.

Read more about how we’re working with our friends at When In Rome – https://thewineshow.com/uk/unpacked/