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The Wine Show & Celebrity Cruises

From the ski slopes of the Alps to the markets of Shanghai and the townships of South Africa, our wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer meet wine makers and wine lovers from around the world, all sharing a passion for the world’s most captivating drink.

We are now bringing our stories to life on Celebrity Cruises’ sailings, adding a new dimension for Celebrity Cruises’ guests around the world. Guests will be able to bring out their inner wine connoisseur through a programme of new The Wine Show delivered experiences such as exclusive new vineyard shore excursions, new wine lists, on-board interactive tasting experiences, and entertaining live tasting events including our wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer.

Appealing to affluent travellers via their passion points, such as great food and wine, is important to Celebrity Cruises. Offering the largest and rarest collection of wine at sea, Celebrity Cruises has won multiple awards for its approach to wine including the coveted Wine Spectator ‘Award for Excellence’ for the fourth year running. They are also the proud holder of multiple awards including The World’s Top 100 Travel Experiences, Travel Company of the Year and Luxury Cruise Line of the Year.

Joe and Amelia will be joining the leading modern luxury cruise line in 2017 on a series of The Wine Show cruises throughout during the year. What better way to be enjoy exquisite wines from around the globe than on board Celebrity Cruises’.

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Food and Wine on board Celebrity Cruises

Cruises are a great way to see many different destinations, allowing affluent travellers engaging ways to explore destinations around the world. Celebrity Cruises have an array of fantastic cruises, all serving up all the ingredients for the perfect dining experience.

Great food and wine is at the heart of Celebrity Cruises. Each ship holds 46,000 bottles of wine and with over 230 different labels in their extensive wine collection.

Not knowing what wine goes with which food can also make things difficult and to avoid that, The Wine Show have outlined their top 8 bottles to try on board Celebrity Cruises, to have with an array of delicious meats, fish, after dinner dishes served.

Try our Top 8 food matching wine choices over the course of your Celebrity Cruises Cruise.

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Aperitif Wines:

The very best apéritif wines are marvellous without food but also lend themselves to nibbles or canapés. The Wine Show recommends you try Prosecco, Extra Dry, Fantinel, “Cuveé Prestige” from Italy. It has the inviting softness of Prosecco but in a wine with a serious, classy, dry character.

Smoke Salmon & Peeky toe Crab Parfait

Starter Wines:

Pan-fried scallops, lobster, smoked salmon or prawn, if you’ve chosen to indulge in a light fish or salads to start, try some of Celebrity Cruises refreshing dry whites or their affordable Albariño, Raimat, “Castell de Raimat”, Costers del Segre, made in the hills inland from Barcelona and perfect with a fish friendly slice of lemon.

If you’ve decided to start with meat or game, then one of the Celebrity Cruises complex reds should set the right tone (and even carry you to main course). We recommend you try Celebrity Cruises, “Cellar Master”, California Cabernet Sauvignon. Our team of buyers and sommeliers have worked with the winemaking team to create the perfect wine to go with our richer dishes.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Pre Main Course Wine:

Rose is not just for summer, it’s extremely food friendly. Malbec, Chakana, “Yaguareté Collection”, Mendoza Rose makes a great starter to main course wine and is a great accompaniment any bird. This also goes great with the Risottos on the Celebrity Cruises menus.

Roasted Colorado Rack of Lamb

Main Course Wines:

The bird – whether it be turkey or goose, this calls for reds that are light in tannis and have good acidity. We recommend a Mencia, Decendientes de Jose Palacios, “Petalos”, Bierzo – a wine that’s wowing the critics and perfect with Christmas dishes. If you’re going down the Beef Wellington, Lamb route we suggest Malbec from Amalaya in Salta, an Argentine producer that claims to have the highest vineyards in the world, towering in the Andes.

Pudding / After Dinner:

For the sweet-toothed amongst us, this is the wine highlight of the feast: a chance to indulge in nectar-like, luscious pudding wines. For all those that are far too full for a rich pudding, Furmint, Oremus, Tokaji is a great alternative. However, at some point in the evening something resembling hunger will return and tradition will call for some stilton. We recommend you try Tawny Port, Taylor “10 year old” to sort your hunger out.