The Wine Show

Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys love wine. But they don’t always know which wines they like. The Wine Show follows our two novice enthusiasts on a captivating journey into wine.

Matt and Matt set off from their villa in the Italian countryside with a challenge. They must discover some of the best wines in Italy. And discover the stories behind them as they criss-cross the dreamy countryside.

But Matt and Matt aren’t doing this alone. They have a team guiding and sometimes chiding them on their wine journey. Wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer, along with food expert and chef Gizzi Erskine, travel the globe finding great wine stories. And 12 of the world’s leading chefs reveal their favourite wines and cook a meal to match.

Follow the team as they find the world’s best, most interesting and memorable wine stories. Across six continents Matt, Matt and the experts meet, taste, race, laugh, quiver and giggle. They uncover delicious bottles – from the everyday to the finest wines on the planet. And they discover great stories, beautiful places and special people. Taste along with us as we reveal what makes wine the world’s most special drink.